Agustín Cruz Tinoco: Premier Mermaid Nativity – Available Direct From Oaxaca

$2,400.00 $1,995.00- Collector Price

A wonderful example of Agustin Cruz Sr.’s famed showcase nativities. Rare to see the mermaid form. This is on sale in Oaxaca and may not last long. A great example of the creative fantastical forms that set Oaxacan wood carving apart. Agustin is one of the old masters in Mexican art, and has been honored numerous times for his unique and innovative talent. Agustin has often exhibited at the prestigious Santa Fe Folk Art Market, in New Mexico. Pictures are not a clear as we like but know in person this is amazing. Ships DHL Direct from Oaxaca to your home in 2-3 days – Price includes shipping.

Size (long x wide x tall): 35 × 35 × 25 in

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