Enrique Fabián Ortega: Elegant Fine Cat Natural Paints

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Enrique Fabián Ortega is not a new artist but one we have not carried before. He has won numerous awards for his work and is one of only a few artists ala Jacobo and Maria Angeles that work with natural pigments. This fine collector cat is a great example of his style. Very detailed subtle work. He paints with the color pallette of nature. The red in this piece comes from cochineal (an insect that lives on the cactus and turns red when crushed). His colors sometimes derive from bougainvillea, charcoal and other plant materials. A grand new addition to CulturalArt.org. You will soak of the detail in this piece for quite some time to come. 

Size (long x wide x tall): 12 × 4 × 9 in

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