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Giovanni Melchor: Premier Museum Piece – “Playing in the Stars” Gazelle- Available until midnight 1/29/18

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Available for 24 hours only and then they ship back to Oaxaca. We are very fortunate to have three pieces by Giovanni Melchor that just finished exhibiting at the Marshall M. Fredericks Sculpture Museum  in Michigan as part of an feature on Oaxacan artistry called, “Folk Art from Oaxaca: Eight Artists, Eight Voices” These pieces represent a major evolution in the work of Giovanni and I tip my hat to his creative surreal / magical realism style interpretations. Giovanni Melchor is a talented artist who apprenticed under Jacobo and Maria Angeles. His work is hard to get. Unlike other artists who continue to replicate Jacobo and Maria’s famous designs, we like that Giovanni is using his talent to develop a unique style all his own.  His pieces have great drawing designs, fluid painting technique and symmetry.

This piece entitled “Playing in the Stars” is like Salvador Dali meets Alice in wonderland meets Guillermo del Toro. A very delightful fantasy piece made with great imagination. A bit of a tribute to his Dad’s (Jesus Melchor) Gazelle carvings. Another mixed media piece featuring woodcarving, paper art and ceramics. It stands tall and will stand out in any collection.


Size (long x wide x tall): 11 x 7 x 23 in

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