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Jacobo and Maria Angeles Workshop: Owl, Bull, Coyote, Bird on Sabino with Gold and Silver Leaf

$3,850.00 $3,450.00- Collector Price

Another edition in a recent top selling series from this most amazing workshop. The pictures really need to be viewed closely on this one. This stunning one piece carving brings out an owl, bull, birds and coyote from a twisted piece of Sabino, a type of a Mexican Cypress tree. In the last year they started incorporating gold and silver leaf into their work and have a dedicated part of the workshop to this art form. This piece feature both the gold and the silver. Very unique and one U.S. collectors would not typically get a chance to own unless they bought it in Oaxaca direct. Over 2 feet tall and 12 months in the making. It features their trademark Zapotec design motifs painted in natural pigments. Includes certificate of authenticity. Shipping included – ships direct from the workshop DHL international 3-5 days to your door step.

Size (long x wide x tall): 11.4 x 9.8 x 26.3 in

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