Wixárika (Huichol) Art Luis Castro: Premier Huichol Blue Deer Yarn Painting HuicholWixárika (Huichol) Art Luis Castro: Premier Huichol Blue Deer Yarn Painting Huichol

Luis Castro: Premier Huichol Blue Deer Yarn Painting

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Times have gotten hard very quickly for the artists in Mexico. We continue to promote pieces directly as a way to help.

Extraordinary yarn painting by artist, Luis Castro. This is one amazing piece, one of our favorites of the past few years. His pieces always have so much going on, you will always find something new. Luis comes from one of the most important families in Huichol art. His great grandfather Hilario Castro was a well-respected shaman in the late 1960’s, his grandfather Daniel Castro was one of the pioneers of the yarn art in the 1970’s and his father is one of the best-recognized yarn artists and recently placed 2nd in the Nayarit State Art competition. Luis is one of the most collected Huichol artists. His incredible attention to detail and subtle color combinations sets his work above the rest. For him, the skeletons represent his ancestors and pay homage to them and the traditions they have left to them by portraying them making the traditional offerings and ceremonies necessary to appease their gods. Price includes shipping to the continental United States usually takes 2-3 weeks.  Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

Size (long x wide x tall): 24 × 24 in

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