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Maximino Renteria de la Cruz & Yolanda Diaz Medina: Huichol Yarn Painting 24″

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Stunning handmade Huichol yarn painting. Nice calm cool blue tone. Great motif of peyote ceremony honoring messenger snakes and bees who give wax to make candle offerings. Each is made by pressing thin strands of acrylic yarn into a beeswax resin foundation spread over a board. Piece is signed and includes a description in Spanish of the scene.  The symbols within the art have great meaning to the Huichol. Carl Lumholtz, one of the first to study the Huichol, wrote in 1901 – “All sacred things are symbols to primitive man, and the Huichol seem literally to have no end of them. Religion is to them a personal matter, not an institution, and therefore their life is religious – from the cradle to the grave wrapped up in symbolism.“ Includes certificate of authenticity, with translation and guide to Huichol symbols.

Size (long x wide x tall): 24 x 24 x 3 in

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