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Hilaria Chavez Carillo: Premier Huichol Yarn Painting – Ceremony for Protection of Children

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Extraordinary very large Huichol yarn painting depicting the ritual for the protection of children. Hilaria was the last wife of the late great Huichol artist Jose Benitez. Jose had a number of wives over his life and a large extended family carrying on the tradition as a result.

The image depicts the offering of colorful corn and peyote (bottom center)to the gods. The shamen guides the ritual together with dancers. The eagle is protecting the area while snakes carry messages to the gods. Children also participate using rattles. Candles represent the guiding light of mother earth while the blue deer and coyote represent the ancestors.

These size pieces end up in galleries selling for $2500+. As with all of the art we sell, the pictures do not do the pieces justice. The calming tones will help the energy of any space home or office. You can always find something new every time you look at it. Price includes shipping from Mexico to the continental United States via DHL International. Takes 3-5 days typically. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

Size (long x wide x tall): 48 x 48 in

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