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Rogelio Torres 12″ Huichol Yarn Painting: Messenger Snakes Sent to Protect the Planting of Corn and Peyote

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Stunning handmade Huichol yarn painting. Each is made by pressing thin strands of acrylic yarn into a beeswax foundation spread over a wood board. The piece is signed and includes a description in Spanish of the scene.  The symbols within the art have great meaning to the Huichol. Carl Lumholtz, one of the first to study the Huichol, wrote in 1901 – “All sacred things are symbols to primitive man, and the Huichol seem literally to have no end of them. Religion is to them a personal matter, not an institution, and therefore their life is religious – from the cradle to the grave wrapped up in symbolism.“ Includes certificate of authenticity, with translation and guide to Huichol symbols.

Size: 12 × 12 × .25 in (L x W x H)

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