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Wixárika (Huichol) Art Santos Daniel Carrillo Jimenez: Premier Huichol Yarn Painting HuicholWixárika (Huichol) Art Santos Daniel Carrillo Jimenez: Premier Huichol Yarn Painting Huichol

Santos Daniel Carrillo Jimenez: Premier Huichol Yarn Painting

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One of the most extraordinary pieces ever by one of the most collected Huichol artists. Measuring 48″x 48″, it is very rare he produces pieces of this size. Amazing detail and movement in the textured yarn. Generally speaking the central eagle is a female protector deity. You can see offerings of corn, candles and prayer blessings for the four cardinal directions. The top and bottom have offering bowls with the Huichol colored corn, snakes are conduits, or messengers, they take the offerings up to the god’s and come back in the form of rain. On the sides you can see fire, great grandfather fire taught the shaman how to heal, the peyote is the conduit through which the shaman can communicate with their god’s to complete the healing process. The pictures do not do this piece any justice and it is stunning to see in person.

Santos Daniel Carrillo Jimenez is a pioneer of the yarn art in the 1970’s. He has one of the most distinct styles that incorporates vibrant colors with his signature technique of texturing the yarn which adds depth and movement to his work. Originally from San Andres Cohamiata, the ceremonial center located deep in the Sierra Madre Mountains of Western Mexico, Santos’ work has been exhibited in museums and galleries all over the world.

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Size (long x wide x tall): 48 × 48 in

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