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Isaias Alejandro Morales Delgado: Inimicus / Demon Mask

$195.00- Collector Price

We are fortunate to have several new pieces in stock and ready to ship from premier paper artist Izzy Morales.  A wonderful wearable mask that is also decorative. Izzy’s masks sell very fast as it is rare to find anything of this quality in the U.S.

Cartonería is a traditional Mexican technique that uses paper and paste as its main ingredients, as well as wire structures, natural fibers, acrylic paint, and a matte lacquer finish. Izzy Morales from Guanajuato is an amazing talent in the field of traditional paper alebrijes and he has developed a wild imaginative modern style all his own. He has been working with paper art since he was 6 years old. Now in his early thirties, he competes in national competitions with his award-winning work. These pieces are highly labor-intensive and he works exclusively on one of kind fine art wonders rather than taking a mass-produced commercial approach. It has paid off for him and he has developed into a well-respected artist nationally.

Size: 9 × 9 × 11.8 in (L x W x H)

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