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Jacobo and Maria Angeles Workshop: Gold Leaf Horse

$3,400.00- Collector Price

So much passion, inspiration and evolution. Fresh for 2018 – our first glimpse into the latest efforts from this premier workshop. Very rare that we actually have pieces in stock and ready to ship. Take advantage of these offerings before they are gone. All feature their trademark Zapotec design motifs painted in natural pigments. Includes certificate of authenticity.

Every visit to their workshop allows a first-hand glimpse of their ever-evolving art. This year, like everyone before, will bring many new surprises some of which we can’t share yet. One thing we do know is they are cutting back on US appearances in preparation what will be the 25th anniversary of their workshop this summer. Watch for a book, a venture into ceramics and more. We also just aided Maria in selecting a number of new goodies at the Tucson Gem and Mineral show which will add lots of bling to 2018. All this and still coming off the high of being major inspirations in the Disney Coco movie.  Our long relationship with this power house couple and their workshop is greatly cherished. They are not only amazing human beings but their operation is a major economic powerhouse, directly and indirectly aiding hundreds of people in their community.

Size: 17 × 4 × 10 in (L x W x H)

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