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Rajendra Shyam: Shoal of Fish – In Stock

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Gond tribal paintings are modern but rooted in the ancient past. Traditional Gond art was an offering (typically painted in natural pigments on floors and walls) in the worship of nature, and also a mode of seeking protection and warding off evil. The Gond believed a good image would bring good luck.

Today’s imagery with brilliant coloring, complex drawings using dots and lines, and rich textures provide visual narratives of Gond cultural songs, rituals and even tattoos passed down over thousands of years. Animals play an import part in theses depictions often featuring intertwined tigers, deer, snakes, cattle and birds merging with contorting trees. Trees represent the very cosmos. Each artist has a little different infill style they like to use and is an easy way to differentiate one artist from another.

These pieces are all original signed works of art made on archival paper. Artists hand cut the paper and sizes do vary by piece. Each work comes with archival white double mat as shown with foam backing board ready for standard 16″ x 20″ framing. Includes certificate of authenticity. 

Like all the art we carry, your purchases encourage the continuation of the art and provide major economic support to these communities. Pricing does vary by the notoriety of the artist and complexity of the work. As always your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

Size: 10.5 × 14 in (L x W x H)

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RajuRajendra Shyam (Raju Shyam) depicts Gond tales in great detail. His favorite color is brown in all its shades. He has adopted banda, a rope used to bind sheaves of grain, as his signature infill motif to provide texture to his forms. Rajendra has exhibited his work at Nottingham’s New Art Exchange Gallery, London in 2009.Raju in collaboration with Venkant Shyam also painted a 150 lb fiberglass elephant, Udata Hathi as a part of the Elephant Parade Mela. His depictions of tales of deity Bada Dev have been exhibited at Horniman Art Gallery London in June 2011.Recently in 2013, he was selected and then invited for the International Folk Art Market, Santa Fe, New Mexico U.S.A. He is a nephew of movement founder Jangarh Singh Shyam and worked with him in Bhopal for a time. Learn more here: