William Gilbert & Constance Cortez: Mata Ortiz 1995-2015 (book)

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The latest Mata Ortiz publication based on the 2016 Mata Ortiz exhibit at the University of New Mexico. This is a limited printing and although far from complete it covers much of the newer artistry and trends. 72 Pages.

If you want to read an early publication by the same author you can find a free electronic version here. Keep in mind the older publication promotes the early narrative that Juan Quezada was a sole innovator of this artform. Juan certainly deserves acclaim but recent publications now include other families who were concurrently developing this pottery including that of Felix Ortiz, Salvador Ortiz, and Rogelio Silveira who did not have the early promotion and attention Juan received.

Size (long x wide x tall): 11 x 9 in

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