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A little background

My name is Scott, owner of Based in Tucson, Arizona, USA, the site was born out of a midlife leap of faith. I spent nearly 16 years (most of which as COO) at Western National Parks Association, a large nonprofit education partner of the National Park Service. In my position, I fell in love with promoting cultural art and artists and took the jump to follow my dream of creating a community around artists and collectors.  I truly believe art feeds the soul. I know the social and economic good in supporting cultural artists from around the world. I also feel the more humans interact with each other the more we see the similarities than the differences of our shared human experience.

I pride myself on personal service and support and have very satisfied customers across the globe. I welcome any feedback on the site or input into the kinds of items you would like to see as we expand and grow. I also take special orders and am handy at sourcing items. Whether you are an avid collector or a onetime gift buyer let me know how to better serve you going forward. You can reach me by email at

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