Contemporary Fred and Della Cruz, Tohono O’odham: Quail Basket Birds

Fred and Della Cruz, Tohono O’odham: Quail Basket

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This Fred Cruz quail is one of his early prototypes. Made with white and green yucca, with devil’s claw overstitch on a beargrass warp. Fred and Della Cruz’s livelihood is almost entirely based on making baskets. They are dedicated and inventive artists. Fred’s figures mainly of animals have a sweet character to them. Della’s pictorials, dolls and harvester figures, even a Sonoran snowman from time to time, really show her passion. Their unique pictorials and figures are often sold in National Parks and are especially visible at the Grand Canyon American Indian art concessions where international visitors adore them. They do amazing education workshops on basket making for young and old. They are true ambassadors to their culture and the art. Once you understand the laborious process of basket making you quickly learn these artists are making pennies an hour. Know that when you purchase a Fred and Della piece from 75% of the proceeds will go back directly to these cherished friends and artists.

Size (long x wide x tall): 5 × 5 × 7 in

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