A1707-JA-001 (2)A1707-JA-001 (2)

Jacobo and Maria Angeles Workshop – Museum Quality Deer Tortoise Fusion

$7,695.00 $6,895.00- Collector Price

Fresh out of the workshop. Will keep it posted while it lasts. Another master single piece fantasy fusion piece. (except of the small shell add ons). Comes with the imagination, form and detail their pieces are known for. The miniature shell add ons of a butterfly, rabbit, owl and coyote make for a magical touch and a new development in their pieces.  These large master works are rarely sold outside of Mexico. It features their trademark Zapotec design motifs painted in natural pigments. Includes certificate of authenticity. Ships direct from the workshop DHL international 3-5 days to your door step – shipping included.

Size (long x wide x tall): 9.65 x 10 x 15.75 in

In stock

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