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Tribus Mixes Cooperative: Large Showcase Pegasus – Almost 4 Feet Wide

$3,000.00 $1,295.00- Collector Price

A very unique showcase piece rarely found in the U.S. due to the size and complexity of shipping. This piece was bound for a museum show in Michigan last year and was damaged in shipment. Always willing to take on a challenge, we could not let this pegasus get put down so easy. We were able to get it expertly repaired by a traveling Mixes (Mi-Hays) artist and it can be yours for a major discount. This would cost over $3,000 and at just over 3 feet long and tall this will require special shipping. We can only offer this in the continental U.S. and if you live near our Tucson, AZ location we may even hand deliver it. It is a fun puzzle to put together and this lovely now needs a home. Price includes shipping in the continental U.S.

Size (long x wide x tall): 38 × 44 × 38 in

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